Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mighty of Borobudur Temple

Talking about a temple, of course we'll mention a temple, the largest in the world and has also been included on the list of seven wonders of the world. Right! Borobudur Temple is.

Post this time, still discussing the major tourist attractions in Indonesia. Now we will go back flying to the island of Java, after we are on the island of Bali.


History records Borobudur is the largest temple ever built in honor of the Buddha. Just imagine the building reaches a height of 14.000m to 35.29 sq. m. An inscription from Cri Kahuluan IX century (824 AD) who researched by Prof Dr JG Casparis, revealing the genealogy of Wangsa Syailendra three successive ruling at that time, namely the King Indra, the son Samaratungga. Then, her daughter called Samaratungga Pramodawardhani.

At the beginning of this Samaratungga King built a temple named: Bhumisan-Bharabudhara, which is presumably meant barrow, hill or building stages with the title diidentikan kamulan Bhumisambharabudhara monastery, which has the meaning of an ancestral temple and the Dynasty Syailendra in hilly areas.

The location of this temple is located in the hills above the village of Borobudur, Mungkid, Magelang or sea 42 km south of Yogyakarta city. Surrounded Hill Manoreh stretching from east to west. Meanwhile to the east lies Mount Merapi and Merbau, and on the west side there is Gunumg Sindoro and Mount Cleft.

It takes no fewer than two million blocks of andesite, equivalent square 50.000m to build this temple of Borobudur. Overall weight of the temple to reach 3.5 million tons. Like many buildings of the temple, Bororbudur building has three parts, namely the legs, body and top. Foot building called Kamadhatu, which tells of consciousness filled with lust and animalistic traits. Then Ruphadatu, which means a level of human consciousness are still bound by lust, materials and shapes. While no longer bound Aruphadatu lust, materials and shapes depicted in the form of holding an empty stupa. This can be achieved only with the desire and emptiness.

How To Reach Borobudur?

This temple is located in the town of Magelang, still close to the city of Yogyakarta. To achieve it certainly is very easy, whether through Adi Sucipto Airport, Yogyakarta Train Station, or even private vehicles.

If you visit Indonesia, give a time to visit the Borobudur temple. You will get a pleasant experience and of course you are amazed by the existence of Borobudur. Of course this option will complement the sights of your life experience.

Ticket Price:
$ 15

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