Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tips for a Cheap Holiday in Bali

Bali seems to be always the main target for the holidays for both local and foreign tourists tourists. It is undeniable Bali is an Indonesian tourist magnet is very large. Everyone will want to go to Bali. Only, sometimes people even think twice to go to Bali with the excuse would be spending a lot of money ....

Eiiitss, do not despair .... once quoted saying "all roads lead to Rome" as well as "all roads lead to Bali" ... hehehehe.

All you have to do is:
1. Practical way to Bali, of course by using the plane, with travel time of 1.5 hours (from Jakarta), you already can get in Bali. But it's an expensive plane ticket? The question is very appropriate. Actually the price of airline tickets would be much more expensive if we plan to go on summer vacation, as in the school holidays, Idul Fitri, or the new year. If you plan on the season like that, guaranteed you will not get cheaper tickets. Low season in Bali is usually around February-Mei. At the time when you should be diligent to check airline ticket prices online and usually airline-ticket airline always provide the promo (which is commonly used is Air Asia). Meanwhile, for those of you who are outside Indonesia, you can have direct flights to Bali. 

2. Alternative route is via a landline. You can use the bus or train. For buses usually they will deliver up to Denpasar (for more details please contact the agency that provides bus services Bali purposes). Besides the bus, of course by train Surabaya purposes. Arriving at the station you Surabaya, you can continue the trip to Bali by using the travel services that are in the station. This alternative route is cheaper than you need to get on a plane, but you must be patient because the long travel time and be a bit boring :).

3. Your Arriving at Ngurah Rai Airport, use a taxi to take you to your destination, it's better to use a taxi outside the airport, because they will wear argometer.

4. Looking for lodgings.
Generally, the first goal when he got the Ngurah Rai is Kuta, because the distances are very close to the airport. In Kuta also there are various kinds of accommodation ranging from very inexpensive to the price of a five star hotel quality. Poppies I and II is a paradise inn cheap. Here you'll get the price of $5 up to $30 for one night. Given facility did not disappoint, in addition to distances very close to Kuta Beach.

5. To explore the tourist attractions in Bali of course if you always use a taxi you will make greater expenditures. His trick is that you can rent a bike or car. Generally people prefer the motor because it is cheap. Rent a bike on a daily basis with the price of $5, so you will more easily reach the destination that is located far from where you are staying. You just leave the identity card to the owner of the motor.
(Info sights on my posting in South Bali)

6. Eating is the most important thing. Looking for a cheap meal in the Kuta area is very difficult. You can look it up in Legian park, here are some places that provide cheap food to eat typical regions. Or, all the streets, you can go to the outskirts of Denpasar or Seminyak. Here you will find a cheap place to eat.

At its core is, plan everything carefully. That way you can get cheap prices to be on vacation in Bali and not spending much money. In the next article, I will give spoilers about lodging and food are cheap.

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