Thursday, July 29, 2010

What You Should Know to Get the Best Low Airfare Bargains

Be it for work or pleasure, individual or a group, air travel has become a very convenient means of traveling that gives us more time for our work or enjoyment as it cuts down the time of getting to our destination. But despite its merits, some of us are very cautious when selecting air travel as a means of transportation due to the intimidating price tag that could come with it; especially in instances such as planning a family vacation. If you fit into this category then this article could prove to be useful to you; so read along as we discuss about the subject low airfare, and the things you should know in order to get the best bargain when it comes to air travel.
Doing a bit of research never hurts anyone; the best way to get a low airfare is to get an idea about the fluctuations of the cost of air travel that depends on several factors such as the month in which you are travelling. If you are someone who has the luxury of altering your travel schedules then paying attention to the seasonal calendar can be a sure way for you to get a low airfare. This is due to the fact that the cost of air travel fluctuates depending on the season. Generally the summer season is when most people are using air travel; therefore since the demand is high the airfare is also high because of that. The opposite of this happens in fall, and because of this you are more likely to get a low airfare in fall than summer.
The season you are traveling also have an impact on your airfare depending on your destination. If you are someone who is traveling for a business purpose to a place where tourists are attracted, make sure you try your best to find the part of the year where the tourist population is at the lowest at your destination.
Another good option when it comes to getting a low airfare is to purchase non- refundable tickets, as there are comparatively low in price. However bear in mind that if by any chance you miss your flight, you will have to spend about 150 to 250 dollars again on your ticket.
Traveling light is an important principle one should adopt if you are interested in low airfare. According to the normal standards, the prices for the first and second bags for a one way trip are 25 and 35 dollars. If by any chance your bag is overweight, that is above 50lbs according to general standards, you might have to pay even up to 100 dollars for that on top of your normal bag fees. Therefore make sure you are only carrying the essentials if you are looking to get your trip done at a low airfare.

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