Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sikuai Island : The Paradise

Have u ever imagine about a place like heaven? Stretch of white sand, arrow of neatly trimmed coconut tress, cool atmosphere, blue ocean, beautifully colored fish and coral reefs, green trees, delicious food and fun. All these wonderscan be found on the Sikuai island.

Sikuai, maybe the name is so stranger in your ears. Absolutely! for the own Indonesian people, these names are still unfamilliar, even more so for those of you who live outside of Indonesia.

Sikuai, one of 19 islands that are included in the administrative region of Padang, West Sumatera (Sumatra), Indonesia. Precisely in the District Bungus Bay scarf, covering 38.6 square kilometer, or about 40 hectares. Now developed into a leading a maritime tourist attraction in the city of Padang. On this island, tourists can perform a number of marina activities, such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, or just swim in the crystal clear Sikuai island sea also enjoying the beauty of colorfull marine life including coral reefs. This island region is combination between the beauty of the sea and its content, and peacefulness of the island with natural forest is istiil disordered.

Every tourist who visiting this island, will enjoy swimming in the calm Sikuai island sea water. Only by diving at a depth of several meters, you have been able to enjoy the beauty of colorful coral reefs. You like beeing in a giant aquarium with the beauty or marine life with a variety of attractive colors. No need to dive too deep, you can see colorful fish, coral reefs and diverse marine biota.

Satisfied swimming and diving, you can enjoy strolling activities along the pure white sandy beach while collecting various types of dead coral found in the area. Beach sand is very soft, solid and clean from various types of waste, so it is very pleasant to walk or run across the beach sand.

After fatigue collect various type of coral and sand, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea shore with a light breeze accompanied lying coast. The atmosphere seemed very peaceful, because there is no noise. That there is only a breezy blast of wind, friction palm leaves and the sound of waves accompany nap in the cool coastal air.

Late afternoon, now is the time to enjoy the beauty of the land Sikuai island. By bike or walking around the island. It only takes about 45 minutes, you can go through carefully all around the island while watching various typical animal species, such as lizards, mongkey, as well as hundreds of bird species with variety of colors.

Enchantment sikuai island feels increasingly attractive, of couse, enjoy the beatiful color with a golden sun will sink. This perspevtive there is on one small hill in the middle of the island. On the hill there are some setas that be place to relax while waiting for the Sunset and darkness came before. The atmosphere is such a moment has been waiting for the tourists who come to visit on a beautiful island in West Sumatra.

For those who like to eat, on the island is also available one unit of restaurant that serve a variety of dishes typical of the coast which of course will increase your appetite. You can order types of food and beverages at affordable prices.

Special breaks at night, is also available, 52 units of bungalow that look slick with a special design, which of course makes a break to become more comfortable.

If you imagine enjoying all the beauty are expensive, of course wrong. Sikuai island management is now offering special rates for visitors who want to enjoy this paradise.


It takes just 20 to 40 minutes (if the weather good) to go to Sikuai island from Padang city. To get there can be reached from Wisata Bahari port by speed boat (price about $25), owned by PT Abadi Wijaya which is owns and operates the only resort on the island, namely the New Sikuai Island Resort. Or u can also rent a fishing boat ($20) from Bungus port, approximately 20 kilometers to the south from center city of Padang. Arriving at the island Sikuai, visitors still have to pay about $6 to the organizer of the island.

If you imagine the trip would be boring, again you are wrong. Along the way, it also became a special attraction. We can enjoy the beauty of the sea, looking at activities of traditional fishermen who occasionally passed by fast boat was carrying passengers.

Arriving at the Sikuai island and down from the boat, you were greeted fresh young coconut, as if to welcome to the guests, and after that, miracle by miracle of nature BEGINS.

So, what you waiting for?? input Sikuai island in your travel list, because all the beauty of paradise is waiting you here.

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