Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Indonesia Became a Mascot Prague Tourism Week

Indonesia specifically requested to open the Tourism Week 'Holidays in Various Island' organized by the Prague Zoo, Czech Republic. Famous singer 70s-era show with the song 'Ayo Mama."
During the summer vacations this year Prague Zoo held a special event with a holiday theme to the various islands, where visitors were treated to sights of different countries, beginning with 'visit to Indonesia'.
The event visited the various islands of Indonesia, Embassy Prague, as the idiom used to display the promotional Dance Kayau (Borneo), Mask Dance (Central Java), Rantak Dance (West Sumatra) and Dance Surilang (Jakarta), which was performed by the dancers Sanggar Tari Sekar Melati .
"Appearances are also dance and sing to welcome the 25th anniversary of a female orangutan named Upita and the event became acquainted with the Kama, the male orangutan who was born in Czechoslovakia in 1971," said Charge d'Affaires Ad Interim Embassy Prague Nurwahyudi Azis told AFP on Thursday (8 / 7 / 2010).
Moreover, continued Azis, a senior Czech singer from Indonesia, Rony Marton, a high official in the 1970s also appeared in the Indonesian jungle pavilion sing 'Come on Mama' and 'Goro-Goro. "
It is said that during the event the visitors seemed to be brought into the real situation in Indonesia is hot and humid. In the pavilion area of 1950 m2 with a volume of 16 500 m3 are the visitors can see a collection of 70 plants and 1100 species of tropical animals.
Rimba Indonesia Pavilion is the most expensive part of the Prague Zoo, with production costs reached CZK 185 million. Design period takes a year (1999-2000), selection of bidders begins at the draft in 2001, and construction took two years (2002-2004).
In addition to the orangutan, the other attraction in the pavilion Rimba Indonesia is the Komodo dragon gift from the Indonesian government in 2002 and now has been breeding. In April 2010 has also been undertaken giving names seven young dragons by Kuai Embassy in Prague in the same place.
Apart from typical Indonesian orangutans and Komodo dragons, the Prague Zoo also has a collection of tigers, elephants, turtles and bats. This zoo in 2007 was selected as the best zoos in the world number seven.
Prague Zoo cooperation with Indonesia has been running long, including the Safari Park (West Java) and research on the turtles of Nusa Penida, Bali.

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