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South Bali Part. Two

VIII. Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur Beach, famous beach with the sunrise. Only 6 km or about 15 minutes from the center of Denpasar can be reached by car, bicycle, motorcycle, or public transport linking the city of Denpasar Sanur beach.

Sanur area known as the early growth of tourism in Bali with the presence of hotels such as Inna Grand Bali Beach and several other first hotel in Bali at the Bali tourist was first developed.

Sanur beach is frequently visited by foreign tourists and domestic. Sundays and holidays, the place of choice for recreational Denpasar city residents while bathing the sea because the sea is shallow and very calm.

On the night of the Full Moon, many people come to relax and take a bath there, looking at the beauty of Sanur beach at night. Besides beaches, the Le Mayeur Museum are also many tourist attractions.

On the beach sanur have nautical tourism, namely Sea Walker. Equipment used enough dive helmet specially designed for underwater activities such as Sea Walker. And interestingly, this one activity can be followed by tourists who could not swim though. You do not need to know how to swim, because this is a sea walker. Sea Walker was the only tourist in Indonesia.

Before plunging into the sea, we will be given a briefing about the techniques used while diving. Next we will be escorted by boat to the pontoon in the middle Seawalker sea. Here will be paired with a special helmet which flowed pure oxygen.

Guided by the instructor, you are going down the ladder to set foot on the seabed with a depth of about 5-7 meters level. Stay calm, because this diving helmet lets you keep breathing through your nose as on land.

The total time we need for this activity from the start pick-up back to the hotel around 4 hours. Would be great and interesting to follow the trip in the morning so that water can be good and clear.
Ticket prices:
$ 62.5/orang (pickup)
$ 54.5/orang (no pickup)

Terms and conditions:

Participants aged 9 years old or minimum height of at least 140 cm
T-shirts, boardshort, paintings, traditional Balinese kites

IX. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

This statue is located in Bukit Ungasan - Bali Jimbaran. Masterpiece Balinese I Nyoman Nuarta. Currently developed as a park and a landmark for cultural tourism in Bali and Indonesia. Access to the pedestal region is the same road with the road leading to the area Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Dreamland Beach. Can be reached by bus or private vehicle, only traveled 25 minutes from Denpasar.

The statue is in the form of Lord Vishnu was Lord Protector of Hindu religion, riding a Garuda bird. Taken from the story "Garuda & empire" in which an act of devotion and sacrifice of the bird Garuda to save his mother from slavery, which ultimately protected by the god Vishnu.

The statue was built with a height of 140 meters, is projected to bind with the spatial distance of 20 km of view so it can be seen from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, to Tanah Lot. Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is a symbol of environmental rescue mission and the world.
Opening hours:
8:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Ticket prices:
$ 2.5

Key chains, postcards, t-shirt image of Garuda Wisnu Kencana

X. Jimbaran

Jimbaran Bali, a favorite tourist spot in Bali, offering a variety of well known attractions such as the center of seafood and atmosphere of the night Jimbaran beach is beautiful and romantic. If you are from Kuta, Jimbaran went to just 20 minutes. Travel time from Ngurah Rai International Airport just 10 minutes to Jimbaran. If your hotel in Sanur, can be applied for 30 minutes using a personal vehicle.

Jimbaran area and Kedonganan known as fish-producing villages, where most residents work as fishermen. Initially there was only one of two seafood stalls there, but over time many of the initiative to establish a restaurant / cafe for the preparations of seafood today.

Enjoying the beautiful night and the breeze gentle waves at Jimbaran beach, you can enjoy the delicious variety of menus from the results of processed marine fish. The choice is quite a lot and for those of you who love to pamper going from processed seafood dishes.

XI. Ayung River Rafting

This is her favorite choice for tourists who are interested in following the activities of rafting on the most favorite place in Bali. Place at the Ayung River, near Chedi Ubud.

Travel by private car from Kuta taken approximately one hour to reach the starting point at the Chedi, Ubud. After receiving a briefing from the instructors, we'll try this swift Ayung River. Boat is available that can accommodate 4 people + 1 instructor (each boat will be accompanied by an instructor).

During the roughly two hours, we will navigate the swift currents in this river. The distance that may be taken approximately 12 km. This river is perfect for adventure sports, even for kids very safe, because the current is not too heavy and too jeramnya not too sharp. When it arrives at the stopping point, we will soon relax and enjoy the shower and free towels. Next is the time to enjoy lunch. Here are delicious menus buffet style.
Opening hours:

06:00 to 18:00
Rafting Price:

$ 27/people (Minimum participants 2 persons)
Children $ 22.5/anak
- Price includes 68% discount from published price $ 65
- Price includes FREE pick up service for hotels in Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Ubud, welcome drink, towel, and lunch.
- Insurance coverage of $ 50,000 max
- Pick-up Time: 8:30 to 8:45 am return 14:30 to 15:30, afternoon 16:00 to 17:00 09:45 to 10:45 return
- Do not forget to bring a change of clothes, sunblock, camera, and money.
T-shirts, boardshort, hats, wallets, bags, photographs and postcards adventure motifs.
Bali Rafting
Jl. Mertanadi Kuta Bali.
Telephone (0361) 2786 524 / (0361) 7977 824

XII. Water Sport in Benoa

Watersport is a water tour packages offered to the tourists who holiday in Bali to take a place in the area of Tanjung Benoa, near Nusa Dua tourist area. White sandy beach with calm waves and no currents, making Tanjung Benoa as the location is perfect for water sports. All games are here safe and your insurance is protected in case things are not desired. To go to Benoa is only 30 minutes from Kuta, 20 minutes from the airport and 40 minutes from Denpasar. There are some games offered here such as:

- Parasailing

You will wear a parachute parachute and pulled by speed boat around the coast of Tanjung Benoa. So just like skydiving. One round of games this time approximately 4 minutes in the air with altitude parachute cord that connects to the speed boat approximately 80 meters. Which would give the experience an amazing adventure.
Ticket prices:
$ 13.05 (minimum 2 persons)

- Jetsky

Driving a vehicle on the beach like a motorcycle. Jetsky here you can not drive themselves, must be accompanied by an instructor, because in this beach there are many boats and other Watersport activities. The instructor will only drive from the beach toward the middle of the ocean, until you turn there are driving and instructor in the back of your bum. When the game is 15 minutes. If you are challenged on riding, try the surf in front of your lunge. Then you will feel the sensation of pleasure this jetsky.
Ticket prices:
$ 20 (minimum 2 persons)

- Banana Boat

Using a rubber boat sole, you will be pulled by speed boat around the coast within 15 minutes. Banana boat load capacity is a maximum of four people and one person as an assistant instructor. You can ask diceburkan into the water during the boat to walk or if you do not want to get wet, get a normal course. It's less fun if the main banana boat without wet nyebur into the water.
Ticket prices:
$ 11 (minimum 2 persons)

- Flying Fish

This most recent game in Bali. Imagine three fruit banana boat rolled into one with an extra rubber boat across the front and there is a kind of right and left wings as well. Flying fish is played by a maximum of three persons, namely two passengers on the right and left and i of instructors in the middle. Your position can stand as riding a motorcycle or sleep on her back. Flying fish will be attracted by speed boat speed is high enough to the line against the wind. Thus, a flying fish would fly above the water about 2 meters or more, depending on wind speed, just like a kite. For those who like challenges, do not miss to try this game.

Ticket prices:
$ 5.27 (minimum 2 persons)

- Snorkling 

Swim underwater while seeing sights. The main Terms you should know how to swim. By using google and the fin, you will see ornamental fish and coral reefs while swimming in the clear and shallow waters. Do not worry, you will be escorted by professional guides.
Ticket prices:
$ 25 (duration 1 hour, minimum 2 persons)

- Scuba Diving

More exciting than just snorkeling. You will be given a full diving equipment, ranging from clothing, oxygen tank. Diving should not proficient swimmers, because tourists will be accompanied by one instructor in the water. So do not worry about drowning or drifted inside. Previously, you would first dibriefing about ways to dive right. Depths between 3-7 meters for beginners in the water for 40 minutes. Taking the bread to feed the fish, you'll see the beautiful underwater scenery full of beautiful coral reefs and colorful decorative fish.
Ticket prices:
$ 45 (duration 1 hour, minimum 2 persons)

link video for diving in Bali

- Glass Bottom plus Turtle Island

This is a tourist activity which fit invite family and your children. With boats beneath which there is clear glass, you will be invited to sail under the sea with a panoramic view of fish-fish that are on the beach of Tanjung Benoa.

Once satisfied, the boat will glide towards Turtle Island, to see the location of breeding sea turtles, an endangered animal. Here, you will see that dikeram turtle eggs, turtle boy / little hatchlings, hawksbill turtles teens to adults who are ready to be parents. Type of turtle is not just one, but there are several types. In addition, at this location there are also other animals like birds, kelelewar, snakes, very tame, so you can hold to be photographed.

Ticket prices:
$ 100 (duration 1 hour, minimum of 60-10 people)

XIII. Night Tour Around Road Kuta and Seminyak-Legian
Hard Rock Café
Facing the famous Kuta Beach is the time-honoured catalyst of the resort, the Hard Rock Café. Set on two floors, with nightly live bands regularly change That Every three months, this place is full of younger crowds, ESPECIALLY During the weekend. Every two months the Hard Rock invites a Well-Known Indonesian singer or band to play live. Hard Rock Café serves up burgers, fries and Colas in large portions.
Location: Kuta Beach Street
Price Range: pricey

Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra is a Feast for the senses: Scent, taste, sight and sound. This is a restaurant, club and a lounge with Indian and Mediterranean design in the outer areas all the youngsters are doing extremely gather Nowhere. Kama Sutra hosts live bands, DJs and features Some of Bali's best live performances by famous Indonesian figures.
Location: Kuta Beach Street
Price Range: affordable

The Wave
The Wave is a three-in-one club housing The Coffee Bar (an al-fresco café and beach bar), Sailfin (a fine-dining restaurant), The Club (a long bar and a Discotheque) Beachfront and a shopping arcade. The Wave Sits majestically on the Shores of Kuta Beach and Offers mesmerizing and spectacular views of the Indian Ocean and the famous Kuta surf. Characterized by its striking architecture with International cuisine and drinks, and accentuated by music great, The Wave is a place not to be missed During your visit on the island.
Location: Kuta Beach Street
Price Range: pricey

Ocean Beach Club
The Ocean Beach Club is a venue Beachfront Nowhere Can you catch the sunset from the open wood deck or lounge pool-side on one of the Cosy day beds. With DJ's and a later Lively atmosphere.
Location: Kuta Beach Street
Price Range: affordable 

Ocean 27 Sundeck Lounge & Restaurant
Ocean 27 is a sundeck and beach restaurant offering a dining experience, luscious food, great sunset views, refreshing cocktails and a wide selection of wines and champagnes from all over the world, as well as imported Beers. As the night approaches, be prepared to party into the wee hours with Well-Known Local and foreign DJs dishing out tunes from house to chill out.
Location: Discovery Esplanade
Price Range: pricey

Sky Garden

Located in the heart of Kuta, ESC's rooftop Sky Garden Lounge has been a popular destination for local, expat and tourist guests since its opening. This open-air lounge is Known for its unique concoctions Poor 'the '14 day' infused Martinist. Set in comfy Seating with an Intimate 'garden' atmosphere, funky dancers are accompanied by International DJs spinning on their stuff seven days a week. Recently, Sky Garden Bought two floors of the adjacent My Room Club and re-Designed it to be on their new Sky Garden Lounge. Get on their daily promos starting at 6pm and Sunday special offer - a girls' night-out girls Nowhere are all offered free drinks!

Location: Legian Street
Price Range: affordable

M Bar Go
M Bar Go is one of the fancy hip hop clubs in Kuta, dedicated to a younger clientele. Every Friday and Saturday night the place is full. Watch out for the beach on their couture fashion show Every Thursday and on their hot salsa nights.
Location: Legian Street
Price Range: affordable

Musro Bali is the only live cabaret show venue in the area of Nowhere all the dancers are Professionally Trained. Raphael Gomez Spanish choreographer provides the expert knowledge needed to Standard and Poor Produce a high quality show. Various Can you enjoy on their spectacular performances with extravagant costumes Every night for only IDR 100.000 per person. Begins Before the show, a live band plays on stage and DJs will from perform to fill the air with on their selection of R & B, Rock and Club Hits before the real show starts.
Location: Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel
Price Range: affordable

Vi Ai Pi
Vi Ai Pi is a newcomer to the nightlife scene in Kuta. It is styled on the Balinese forms fused with modern European design, embracing the natural elements of green and open space. Their dinner menu carries the Eastern and Western Flavours infusion on their at best. Look out for the events calendar, Which Will Be Well-Known peppered with DJs and sexy dancers.
Location: Legian Street
Price Range: pricey

Planet Hollywood
First Planet Hollywood Came to Bali in 2001 and it comprises five Different rooms; an adventure room - Designed with an Egyptian theme, the Whirlpool bar - an island bar with a four-metre Whirlpool dropping from the ceiling, a submarine, a hill area and the sky garden - Nowhere Can you see a large maple tree and a diorama of New York's skyline, giving the effect of dining in Central Park. Try Specialties on their international popularity of fajitas, burgers and turkey Hollywood club sandwich. A live band plays Every Wednesday-Saturday starting at 20:00.
Location: Kuta
Price Range: affordable

Upper Bar
Do you want to enjoy your dinner in A Different Way? Here, Can you guys enjoy your meal whilst watching an Indonesian style cabaret drag show. The place is popular due to the fun entertainment, good service and friendly atmosphere. The shows are free and a wide selection of Beverages is offered at a reasonable price. It draws crowds mixed: straight, gay, Families, locals, expats and Tourists all come to enjoy the show. Two shows, commence at 10 pm and 11:15 pm from Thursday to Sunday.
Location: Legian Bali Beach Shack
Price Range: affordable

Gracie Kelly's Irish Pub
Gracie Kelly's was the first original Irish Pub in Bali and serves a la carte dinner daily from 11 am Until late. Located in Bali Dynasty Hotel, on their Specialties are Irish Stew, Beef and Guinness Pie, Dublin Coddle, Hot Sticky Pudding and other wholesome traditional foods served from Gracie's Kitchen. You'll be impressed by on their large selection of local and international Beers and traditional Irish pub grub. Try on their real foundation from Storm Brewery, a local micro-brewery in Bali. Live entertainment from Irish residents on their band starts at 8 pm to help you swing your night away.
Location: Kartika Plaza Street Kuta
Price Range: pricey

Double Six Club
Named after the street, Double Six Club is one of the oldest and most vibrant clubs in Bali. Famous for its world-class sound system and international performers like Tiesto, Steve Gerrard, Pete Tong, and many more, Double Six Club was Also Chosen for the World Series touring DJs. If You Want to international venue with international performers, do not miss your chance.

Lounge Syndicate
A sister company to the Double Six group, this is for younger folks aged from 18 to 25 with an R & B and Hip-hop Ambiance, Syndicate Also lounge is the perfect place to have your own customized private party. With USD. 2,000,000 Could you book this place for you and 350 friends Until 24:00.

Bacio is all about good music, fine cocktails and excellent gourmet food. Another famous Double Six Street venue with the Addition of a catwalk show and retractable skylights, this is a place for women Nowhere on their sports wear designer bags and get on their slickest suits. Frequently holding fashion shows and product launches, Bacio is Designed for Those WHO want to experience a Luxurious lifestyle.

- De Ja Vu
Ask a local Some cats Nowhere to get a good electronic beats and good Margaritas and they'll probably answer De Ja Vu. This is a place Nowhere Can one sit on a comfortable couch enjoying a cocktail. Dare to try the floor? De Ja Vu Brings you thumping beats from local and international DJs, and it gets even better by night.

Paparazzi Lounge
Just a step away from the Double Six Club, Paparazzi has established Itself as the most lavish lounges in Legian. With a very exclusive market, is perhaps the only Paparazzi That club has a strict dress rule: be glamorous. So put on your makeup, wear your backless dress, and bring your latest designer clutch bag. Now you're ready to be a socialite Legian!

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