Monday, July 26, 2010

Lovina Beach, Beach of Dolphins

Lovina Beach area is included in the tourist area which is located in the village kalibukbuk, located approximately 10km from the town of Singaraja. This includes the tourist area in North Bali. From Denpasar to Lovina, you can skip down to Singaraja and Bedugul then towards Lovina. You can also route Bedugul ago Seririt and to Lovina. You can travel through both routes had about two hours drive. However, the route past the lane up and down and winding. Another route is then passed to Lovina Gilimanuk that can be reached in time almost 4 hours. The line was relatively straight and comfortable although requiring a longer travel time.

Lovina Beach is a natural black sand is still so interesting to visit. What is interesting in Lovina Beach is a journey into the sea in waters off Lovina. You can see dolphins in waters off Lovina is located about one kilometer from the beach. Bali Sea is located in the relatively calm waters of the Lovina so you can make a tour at sea using fishing boats.

Lovina area known as the place to watch the famous show of wild dolphins. You can immediately see the funny behavior and friendly welcome from direct dolphins in the ocean. Of course this would be an interesting experience for your vacation. In this region there are hundreds of Lovina dolphin tail.
To be able to see the attraction of wild dolphins, you have to leave early when the sun will rise. Why? Since the dolphins in this region occurs only between the hours of 6 am to 8 am. At that hour, dozens of dolphins will beratraksi naturally show their activities. There are just swimming in the water, there is also skipping. Of course this will fascinate the beauty of marine animals will be colored black.
Usually the tourists had gathered on the beach at around 5:30 pm to go to sea. You can rent a fishing boat that had been prepared for the journey. The journey begins with a small boat that could only carry a maximum of four people other than the fisherman. The boat will take you approximately one to two kilometers to the sea where dolphins usually appear.
During the trip, you can see the view and the vast sea while the boat away from the mainland, mainland Lovina you can see from a distance like a silhouette. Having reached the middle of the sea, the fishermen will be down to where the dolphin would normally appear. And if there is a group of dolphins who jumped, the fisherman will tell the other boats around so that the boats will increase the speed to chase a group of dolphins.
Of course you can record when the dolphins are jumping out at sea. There is also the tourists who could not see the dolphins. This also depends on natural factors such as the pair of sea water, wind direction, and of course your luck to be able to see the wild dolphins. "Pursuit" will last about three hours. However, if you're feeling sick because of seasickness you should not hesitate hesitate to tell the fishermen to return to the mainland.
While traveling back to the mainland, you can enjoy the scenery along the coast of Lovina clearly because the sun was shining with brightness. You can also enjoy tours in waters off Lovina marine park.

In the area of Lovina, you also can dive or snorkel to enjoy the beauty of the sea on the beach. You can find a variety of ornamental fish are friendly enough to come to the divers. Indeed in Lovina marine parks are not as beautiful as the other marine parks in Indonesia. However, you will be quite happy playing with ornamental fish in these waters.
On the beach, you can also find a variety of diverse shell. Of course you can take it to a collection of ornaments and souvenirs are natural and attractive.

Opening Hours:24 Hours

Ticket Prices:$ 15 to enjoy the dolphins by using fishing boats 

Souvenirs:Wall hangings and various statues of dolphins

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