Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seals Appear Again on the Coast of France

Seal, who were victims of poachers, almost disappeared from the northern French coast in the late 1970s, but in recent years that marine animals have been returned, making the tourists happy.
"I came specifically. This is the only place where people can see the seals from a distance very close," said Michael, who joined dozens of people in the dike Berck-sur-Mer in the Pas de Calais region to see the seals Bay of Authie .
"The tide is low, the scenery is gorgeous. Tourist and local visitors were there, carrying binoculars and cameras. They were waiting for a seal. It has become one of the attractions for tourists in Berck," said Jacques Neant, President Berckois Nautical Club .
He travels in the ocean observations to determine the existence of these marine mammals nearly every day.
"The demand increased, especially since every year, you can bet people see a seal every time someone came out. Not only are more and more seals in the bay, but the animal is also no longer hesitate to approach the coast," said Jacques Verrier, a guide in Berck, as cited by AFP reporters, Delphine Paysant.
Species that so that conversation is the seal "harbor", the most commonly found, and gray seals, which can weigh up to 220 pounds.
"Seals first appear again in the 1980s, after the ban on hunting of animals is introduced in the North Sea. At first, only a few seals separated from his entourage who came, most probably from the Bay of Somme, which is the habitat of the largest colony in France, with number of 250 to 250 animals, "said Sylvain Pezeril, President of the association OCEANM.
"Little by little, they formed a small colony, which has begun to reproduce," he said.
"In 2002, people can see at most two seals, but since late last year, there were more than 15 seals have made Berck as their residence. This year, we can count up to 21 seals at the beach," said Marie- Helene Fremau, volunteers at the Discovery of Nature Association (DNA) - which do count seals almost every day.
Seal colony centered in three places on the coast of northern France: Somme Bay, Gulf, and since this Authie Canche Bay. Dozens of seals visible on the coast of Etaples.
There are some areas of the reappearance of seals ranging from sandy beaches, abundant fish, including fish, "flat" - which is very liked by the seals, and above all it is the impact of waves in the estuary, which created a pile of sand, the sea dog can lie down and sunbathe before winter.
"But apart from environmental conditions, attitudes can count on making a difference," said Fremau.
During the summer, volunteer workers launched an awareness-raising actions among tourists through daily activities. They answer many questions and help people find ways of living animals and the prevention of what to do to watch.
"If the seal face too many distractions, by tourists, by horse or by boat, they will move away again, that's for sure," said Fremau. 

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