Monday, July 26, 2010


That's what I felt when I first started writing again in the Blog. CONFUSED, is a very appropriate word when I've started to run out of ideas to write anything anymore. For hours in front of the computer, googling for posting material that exciting, but still stuck (perhaps because human nature always wants something better .... hehehe).

After making as many as 16 posts on this blog (read on some places (because at first I wanted to make this blog devoted to tourist attractions) in Bali also Karimun Java, I finally had to let accordance with demands and development of the world's bloggers, to add some articles beyond tourism. Does that mean that this blog can be better known and famliar.
Perhaps among the friends who are also there that like me, new adventures in the world to start blogging. And rather than confused about the concept of what will be written, maybe my friends can start to write some tips.

Where Can We Get The Writing Tips?

When a people have desired to be a webmaster, he or She must be looking for any information, Which explains about how to make a good website and how to get there from many reader. Absolutely, it is not as easy as if you are making a pancake.  A good website must be information has many interesting articles so That Can make any people WHO has visited the website Some Decide to buy products or Which Some services provided by the website.

However, the main problem is, Where Can We get all information about writing a good how-to article in a website? On the other words, how Can We get the writing tips?

Well, actually if you search it in the internet seriously you will from many writing tips get at here. There are many sites In The Internet That gives freely you Some writing tips. You just need to visit on their site and read or download the file. Some writing tips usually explain you how to make a good article in every step. You just have to understand and practice the tips to make a good article for your website. If you have understood the tips, then try to make one or more articles for your website and then see how the visitors' reaction after read Them.


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